About the Band

VAIN : having or showing undue or excessive pride in one's appearance or achievements.


For me, it started as a backhanded compliment from friends and lovers. Now, I embrace it. Why? Because it’s allowed me to come into myself, all of myself, and it’s given me permission to embrace my entire self.

Why are we so afraid of ourselves?


VAIN was born in Serbia, grew up in Greece and moved to Canada 7 years ago. Their music has been described by fans as “deeply emotional” and “completely unpredictable (in the best way possible!).”


Vain Music - Toronto pop soul funk band - Jae Teovanovic

They’ve played throughout Ontario at venues such as Badlands Brewery, The Smiling Buddha, The Silver Dollar, The Mod Club, The Monarch Tavern, Sneaky Dees, The Rivoli, and more. They've been booked for London, ON’s Pride and Toronto’s Kensington Market Jazz Festival, just to name a few.

Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar - Vain (Jae Teovanovic)

Keys - Eric Lefebvre

Drums - Michael Filion

Lead Guitar - Ani Baruah

Bass - Leah Chae

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